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Dealing With Bad In-Laws

A Bible study on Jacob and Laban
Sermon in a book series volume 2
115 Pages - 8.95

Are you having trouble in your home due to “In-Laws”? Do you not know where or how to draw the line?  Maybe you thought that families were to get along and you feel troubled about having bad feelings towards them.  

This study on “Dealing With Bad In-Laws” answers those questions and more.  It takes you through the example of Laban, who was Jacob’s father in-law, and shows how to deal with such matters and situations, biblically.

This study can be liberating to couples who still feel the need or command to obey Mother or Father.  By obeying the word of God, you can have peace in your home where there had been turmoil and frustration.

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The Spiritual Dangers of Alternative Medicine
290 Pages - Kindle 3.99, Book 13.90 Amazon - msrp 14.95

McDonald uses his own unique experiences as well as extensive documentation to get the point of his book across. He and his family went to alternative doctors who were recommended to them by sincere Christians. Instead of providing helpful results, however, the new age treatments quenched the workings of the Holy Spirit in their lives. When the McDonalds stopped the treatment and repented to God, they found peace and a restored fellowship with Jesus Christ. 

Fascinated, McDonald then set about researching the subject. What his research revealed both shocked and surprised him. Pouring over textbooks on acupuncture, medical journals, books on the occult and more, McDonald compared them to the word of God. He discovered that forms of alternative medicine such as iridology, acupuncture, and homeopathy, to name a few, are often presented as viable and effective options for healthcare; yet dabbling in these practices is akin to dabbling in the occult. Because these therapies defile the spirit and grieve the Lord, they need to be avoided at all costs.

Illuminating and shocking, Defiled is a must read for any thinking Christian.

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Here Comes The Bride
A Critique of the Baptist Bride Heresy
174 Pages - 9.95

Is a local, Baptist church the bride of Christ? Did John the Baptist start the first Baptist church with Jesus as one of his members? Is a saved Methodist, Lutheran or Catholic in the bride of Christ? What is the Baptist Bride Heresy?

You may wonder at the absurdity of these questions, and yet the Baptist Bride Heresy is a predominant belief amongst many Baptist churches. From years of experience and much study, Ken McDonald writes to refute this heresy. With actual quotes from men such as Dr. Jack Hyles, Pastor James R. Love, Dr. Ron Tottingham and others, you will begin to see the seriousness and proliferation of this belief.

Brother McDonald then takes you on, and shows you from the words of God (King James Bible) the faults and deceptions of the Baptist Bride Heresy.

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Jesus Talk To Me
Have you ever wanted to Get the Lord's attention?
Sermon in a book series, Volume 1

54 Pages - 5.95

Have you ever wanted to get Gods attention? You know He has the answer, and the solution to your problem, but does He seem so far away? This book is a simple Bible study of four examples of people in the word of God.

One person tries to get the Lord's attention and Jesus Christ completely ignores them. The other three examples get His attention but to different degrees. Why?

This is a simple, practical and encouraging study with an ending that will minister to your heart.

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One man's quest to find God's perfect will for his life
228 Pages

Pursuit is the story of how for the first years of my saved life I sought to find and to know God's perfect will for my life. Through those years I made many mistakes and learned many lessons. From trying to Pastor to the point of being homeless while having a wonderful wife and two children.

This book is very transparent as I do not try to gloss over things. I made many mistakes along the way. From various heartaches and valleys, to times of joy and mountain tops, you will take a trip with me as you read this book.  

I am thankful that the Lord has used this testimony to help others to keep going and serving the Lord Jesus Christ even though the trials in their life seem impossible to overcome. The Lord is with you, even in the dark times. The path may seem so dim, until a stream of light shines down to show you the way He would have you to go.


As one reads this book, the first thing that comes to mind is the fitting title…"Pursuit". As Christians, who of us have not wanted to know the perfect will of God for out lives? Brother Ken openly bears his heart as he describes his "hot pursuit" of God's perfect will for his life. Have you struggled…have you searched,,,have you been discouraged in :pursuit"? This book will encourage you and help you to see that you are never alone in that struggle. A good read and hard to put down.
-Assoc. Pastor Helmut Ghetto, Plainville, CT

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